Families in Santa Fe can’t afford new taxes on the beverages they love!

A Truly Terrible Tax Scheme

Here's the truth about Mayor Javier Gonzales' money grab:
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    Harmful to lower-income Santa Feans

    Soda taxes are regressive and would hurt lower-income consumers the most.
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    A significant tax hike

    At 2-cents-an-ounce, the Santa Fe soda tax adds up quickly. A 12-pack of soda that costs $3 would nearly double in price. Some powdered drink products would be taxed more than 200 percent.
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    More than just soda

    If you enjoy kombucha, sports drinks, iced tea, sweet coffee drinks, juice boxes, energy drinks, and more – you’ll be paying the tax too.
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    Failing in Philly

    Philadelphia enacted a similar tax in January, and the city’s largest soda distributor has already laid off 20 percent of its workforce.
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    Bad for businesses and employees

    People are not going to stop consuming sugary drinks, but they will stop shopping for them in Santa Fe. As grocery stores make less money, employees will lose their jobs.
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Vote on Tuesday, May 2, 2017!

The special municipal election on this expensive new beverage tax is May 2 in Santa Fe. You can also vote before the election from April 12 until April 28. Find more information here.